Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Passion of The Christ

I think at this point, it would be good to touch on an aspect of my re-conversion that I mentioned in an earlier post. I cannot over emphasize the importance of the film "The Passion of The Christ". The effect it had on me was quite profound. I can't imagine anyone watching this film and not coming away from the experience changed. I must say that I view this picture as sacred art and not merely a motion picture. I believe that Mel Gibson was Divinely inspired when he produced it.

One cannot meditate on Our Lords Passion, without seeing the haunting images portrayed in the film. It gives one the feeling of having been present at this pivotal moment in history. So realistic is the portrayal of Our Lords great suffering that one is moved to tears. If movies are more than just entertainment, if they are to make a statement as so many people are in the habit of believing, then this movie makes the most profound statement of all. Christ underwent torture, ridicule and total abandonment to atone for our sins.

I believe that Mr Gibson made a great contribution to the sanctification of many when he produced this film. Theaters were filled with people silently watching, many with tears in their eyes. Although the effect of such a movie is all to often short lived, it did make people think. I can only say in my own case the effect has been lasting and of infinite value. I will not go so far as to say that the film was what brought me back to the Church. To say this would be an over simplification. But, with that said, I will say that it was the final push that sent me to deep repentance and rebirth in Faith.

It is also important to acknowledge that well before it's release, The Passion faced an onslaught of criticism and false accusation. It was deemed to be anti-Semitic. It was deemed to be too graphic (interestingly enough by those who thought nothing of the gratuitous violence and profanity of films like "Kill Bill"). Gibson himself was attacked, and called a bigot, or a religious fanatic. The truth is that none of these claims had any basis in fact. The simple fact is, that when anything comes along that challenges the contemporary culture's views, it is attacked and extreme effort is made to discredit it. I view this as further evidence of it's validity. Nothing says you are on the right track more than when the permissive atheistic talking heads draw a bulls eye on your back.

In closing I would state, that "The Passion of The Christ" is an indispensable tool in the understanding of the great mystery of salvation and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is searching for the true and living God. If one is to view it with an open mind and ignore the criticisms of those who have hidden agendas, they would be lifted up by a higher understanding of what Christianity is truly all about.

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